USATF Membership

  • Overview:

The Chuckanut Raptors is a registered club with USA Track & Field (USATF is the national governing body for track and field in the US).  Throughout the year, USATF organizes a variety of competitions as part of its Junior Olympics program for cross country and track and field.  The Junior Olympics program includes 6 2-year age divisions for boys and girls from 7-8 years old through 17-18 years old.  The program includes meets at the “Association” level (western WA), the “Regional” level (WA, OR, AK, and northern ID), and the “National” level.

Members of the Chuckanut Raptors who wish to compete are encouraged to participate in the USATF Junior Olympics program.  Several of the current club members have participated in the Junior Olympics program in the past, including members who have qualified for and competed at National meets.  If you wish to compete in a USATF event, then you will need to join the USATF.  See below for registration information.

  • Register/renew USATF membership:

Before you can register for a USATF event such as a  Junior Olympics meet, you first need to be a current member of USATF.  For youth runners the cost of membership is $20 per year.  To become a member of USATF (or renew), go to the following link, click on the “Individual members” button, and register:—Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx .

a.    Club affiliation: As part of your registration, you will be asked to indicate your USATF club affiliation.  We are the “Chuckanut Raptors Running Club” (USATF club ID: 36-0315).  When you register your membership with USATF, please indicate that you are member of the “Chuckanut Raptors” club.

b.    Verify age with USATF: All new USATF members need to verify their age with USATF.  Proof of age must be submitted and verified prior to meet registration.  Documents accepted as proof of age include birth certificate, passport, certified baptismal record, driver’s license/permit, or US government identification.  To verify your age with the USATF, email proof of age to membershiop coordinator for our USATF Association at .  To allow time for processing, it will be necessary for you to send your materials to the USATF several days before the meet registration deadline.  If your age is not verified prior to meet registration, then you will not be allowed to register for the meet.

If you have questions regarding the USATF registration process, you may send a message to .