Membership Plans/Dues

The club offers a variety of membership dues plan options to accommodate each club member’s level of ability and interest.  Dues are payable each month.

Club members preparing for a time trial on the track

A basic membership plan is available for those who would like to train with the club three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ($50/month).  More experienced runners may opt for advanced plans which include additional workouts each week $75/month).  There is also a plan which includes a private coaching option ($100/month).

For those who are not able to commit to a regular weekly workout schedule, there is an option to purchase a “punch card” for $50, which will enable the athlete to participate in a total of 10 group workouts or organized race events.

A team member may modify the membership plan from month to month (e.g., a member may wish to adopt a plan with additional workouts for some months, but not all months).

For details, please review the Membership Plans & Dues sheet.  For more information regarding the membership plans and dues, please contact .