Race Schedule

There are numerous racing opportunities for club members who wish to compete.  The options include events in/near Bellingham, junior track club meets and USATF Junior Olympics events in the Puget Sound area, plus national-level meets.  The youth competition schedule for each of the seasons includes the following:

  • Winter:
    Road races, Indoor track (TBD for advanced runners)
USATF Junior Olympics Cross Country meet at Woodland Park – Seattle, WA

Provided below is the event schedule for the past year:


  1. If you plan to run in a USATF event, then you will first need to become a USATF member.  See the USATF page for information on how to register for USATF membership.
  2. The races above which are indicated with a “*” are organized by the Greater Bellingham Running Club (GBRC).  See the GBRC page for information on how to register to become a GBRC member.

Updated: October 27, 2019