What is a Chuckanut?

View of North Chuckanut Mtn from
Chuckanut Bay
N Chuckanut Mtn and San Juan Islands from Blanchard Mtn

The Chuckanut Raptors Running Club is based in Bellingham, WA which is bordered by the Chuckanut Mountains.  The Chuckanut Mountains have many miles of trails and are popular with local runners and hikers.  Advanced members of the Chuckanut Raptors Running Club do workouts in the Chuckanut Mountains during the weekends.

As described in Wikipedia“The Chuckanut Mountains (from “Chuckanut”, a native word for “Long beach far from a narrow entrance”[1]), or Chuckanuts, are located on the northern Washington state coast of Puget Sound, just south of Bellingham, Washington.  Being a part of the Cascade Range, they are the only place where the Cascades come west down to meet the sea” (December 2017).

The Chuckanuts include several popular running spots such as North Chuckanut Mountain, Galbraith Mountain, Blanchard Mountain, Sehome Hill, and Lake Padden.  The Chuckanuts are home to a variety of raptors and one of the well-known trails on North Chuckanut Mountain is the Raptor Ridge trail.